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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterC@ASUS View Post
    Hi Ethzero,

    Sorry to hear your warranty dilemma, that really sucks... It might be worthwhile to get a quote for how much it is to get fixed, it should be much cheaper than getting a replacement of the same calibre.
    I long since threw out my packaging for the PG278Q so postage would be.. difficult I'd imagine. All I have left is the monitor itself as well as the power, USB and Displayport cables that came with it. And by the sounds of it it would likely be a good $400 or more just to get it repaired anyway, and to top it off I already have a new monitor, so the money I could have used to get the Asus one repaired is already effectively tied up in this new one. I'd have to send this one back, hope that the retailer honors my refund request (which is unlikely unless this one also magically develops a major defect) and THEN get the PG278Q repaired, which still means I have no monitor to even use for how many weeks?

    It's all really too much hassle. The way I see it I basically just have a paper weight at this point.
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