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    Asus PG278Q Out of Range bug


    I have recently purchased this screen and it seems to have a very annoying bug.
    Some games, when set to Fullscreen (Which is a prerequisite of G-Sync) Mode display an "Out Of Range" message.
    So far, two games are affected: Path Of Exile and Torchlight 2.
    Currently using the latest Nvidia driver 340.52 on a GTX 780. I have tried to install several different older drivers with the same result.
    The funny part is that both games WORKED a few days ago without this problem! I haven't changed a single setting prior to them "malfunctioning" in this manner.
    With Path of Exile, when the message is displayed, I can ALT+TAB out and back in, and the game is displayed fine...for a time. Then it will randomly display it again.

    I'd appreciate a resolution to this problem as it makes G-Sync non-functional.

    Kind regards,


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