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    Maximus Ranger VII and pcie SSD problems

    I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, if it's an asus issue or plextor, but here goes:

    I have a max' ranger VII installed with a plextor px-g256m6e OS drive in the M.2 connection onboard. Video card is a gigabyte amd R9 290 OC 4gb and PSU is seasonic 550w (gold).

    at random times, but more during long play times the SSD just disappears and the system BSOD with error code F4.
    i removed the intel RST like i saw on few forums. That helped me to prevent the SSD from returning to unformatted state, but the disappearing continues.

    I have the bios at version 1003, the plextor FW at 1.04, video card at F5 bios, all most current. but the crashes still happen.

    i disabled all power saving options for the pcie.

    i'm at a loss...

    can anyone advise?

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    Hi amnon23e and Welcome to ROG. As you have the latest Bios.
    Make sure UEFI is enabled in the BIOS, ensuring CSM is enabled.
    Make sure everything is set to either "Legacy and UEFI" or "UEFI only" (it should be in Legacy and UEFI by default).
    Then, make sure to boot to your install media using the correct boot device.

    When you boot to the media as a UEFI device, Windows will automatically install in UEFI mode.

    Also check temperatures as these cards run hot.

    Hope this helps.
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    Memory:G.Skill TridentZ F4-3200C14D-16GTZR SSD:Samsung 500GB 960 EVO M.2

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    the booting is ok, i use my SSD as MBR and not GPR - but i have not disabled the UEFI. i use win7 prefer to keep it MBR to enable me a multiboot to older OS ect.

    Can i rule out a MB problem? the disappearing happens during work not during bootup.
    and it seems totaly random - no event written on the event viewer that raises suspicion (i moved application and system logs to the HDD so even if the drive disappears the event is written)

    pagefile and dump files are on HDD too.

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    Hi, amnon23e.

    Legacy boot and MBR are your choice. They worked for me as well as the UEFI does.

    Dropping a PCI device after boot is unusual and you say that it happens more during long play times -- when the system is using lots of power. I think the PSU might be part of the problem. 550 watts is just at the limit of the power a 4-core CPU and R9-290x would need in games - at stock. If you have any overclock at all on either, I'm afraid the PSU would be past its capacity. Little power glitches as the PSU gets strained might make a fast device like PCIe SSD stumble. Do you have another PSU option to try?


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    Did you tried to clean up the contacts of the M.2 SSD?
    There is not the usual connector friction in the Socket 3 that helps the cleaning so, try to shine the gold contacts of the Plextor SSD with a eraser rubber for pencil.
    And check also if the SSD is correctly inserted in the mobo female and if that socket is not damaged.

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