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    ThrottleStop please help!


    I have an ASUS G53SX and I think I'm having a problem with my CPU throttling.

    I get very low fps in Counter Strike:GO which is a CPU demaning game. However, while gaming, my CPU usage is just around 8% which seem very low.

    I've tried ThrottleStop and I played some CS:GO while having ticked the log file.

    Here it is..

    Does it seem normal? Please help I'm getting crazy over here

    thanks .

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    When you post a log file, why not include the headings so it is easier to see what each column is.

    What monitoring software shows CPU usage at 8% when gaming? Whatever software that shows that is wrong so ignore it. The ThrottleStop - Log shows 20% to 25% CPU usage when gaming. ThrottleStop uses high performance timers within the CPU and tracks usage better than any other software so you can trust what it is telling you. ThrottleStop also shows consistent power consumption around 25 Watts in the column at the far right. The CPU multiplier is in the 25 to 27 range while playing which is also OK. All of the individual log data confirms that your CPU is running just fine.

    One problem I see is that your GPU temperature continues to increase. During 3+ minutes of logging, your GPU goes from mid 70C to 92C. If you played longer, it would probably go higher so it might be your GPU that begins throttling because it is too hot. You need to improve GPU cooling. Replacing the thermal paste is a good place to start.

    A 3 minute log file is not nearly enough. Half an hour of data would be much better. You need to play through some serious throttling. You should also be logging with GPU-Z. I am pretty sure when your GPU heats up, sooner or later the GPU MHz is going to drop significantly. You should log with both programs at the same time for a better look at this problem.
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