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    A N56VZ , ASUS RMA nightmares continue

    N56VZ-S4400D Bricked after changing boot priority
    Hi, unfortunetaly my N56 bricked after I changed some BIOS settings. My N56 was under warranty so I shipped it to ASUS Turkey in Istanbul first. They said that theres a liquid contact on my notebook's motherboard and it has to be changed. They charged me 700TL(=350$). ı refused it ABD got my N56 back. Then I gave it to ASUS Turkey in Ankara. They unbricked my notebook ABD fixed it with a BIOS reset and update. I got my notebook back and it was working however, when I tried to change boot priority settings in BIOS, same exact issue happened again so I sent it to ASUS Turkey in Istanbul again
    Despite it was same problem and solved by technicians in ASUS Ankara once, ASUS Istanbul said same liquid contact on motherboard issue and they again charged me with 700TL(=350$). Despite of me telling many times theres no liquid contact and can be solved with a BIOs recovery( As ASUS techicians in Ankara did). Now they are saying I need to pay the money or they will send my notebook back unrepaired. I need some help about this situation.
    My BIOS version is 2.15.
    My notebook is underwarranty and I did not do anything that voids it.
    Its been 2 moths.

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