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    Need help with GPU clock

    As most GPU tweak user I am aimed to do some overclock enhancements.
    I see the highest value of GPU clock is 2142 mHz,
    but everytime when I tuned it the setting reverts automatically back to 1623 mHz without any crashes or detrimental conditions.
    I tried crashing many times when tuning the memory clock setting but it just didn't happen in the GPU clock setting, but the setting just reverts automatically everytime.
    I am using the latest version 2.6.7 of GPU Tweak, and my computer has a i3 CPU and a nvidia GT650 graphic card.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thank you.

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    On th,e gpu and memory settings you can in most cases set it far beyond the actual possibilities of your gpu. Not so on voltages. Thus while your system might not crash, the system detects there is error flashes a few times and set it to the default value. You might not even notice it when you start a game or a benchmarksoftware. I would suggest you start gpu-z, turn on the rendering function and then look at the sensor page so you can see what actual speed the gpu uses. Then you can slowly increase and apply new gpu settings and see where the gpu actually stops applying your new setting.Regards
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