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    R9 Under performing?! Write about your user experience!

    Hi, I have a Asus R9 290.
    AMD 8150 @ 4.5ghz
    16gb of 1866mhz ram
    250 gb SSD
    2TB HD
    Win7 64 bit

    I play Diablo 3 and sometimes the frames are 160 fps and sometimes its 7 fps. Temps are 80 degrees as I run my fan speed up to 70%. I don't know what the issue is, but GPU usage is sometimes 0% to 100% and never 100% constantly. I'm tired of these issues. I'm tired of these throttling problems and spending hours trying to find ways to fix. If I could get my money back I would in a heart beat. This has been the worse graphics card I've ever owned and is never consistent.

    I sent it to Asus for RMA. Asus did a great job in turn around time, but I got the same card back. It didn't have a packing slip telling me what they did......... bc they did nothing. I have the same card as before and looks like they did absolutely nothing. The card still throttles.

    I tried using MSI AB to lock the GPU clock speed to 947mhz. The GPU utilization changes constantly and with it my FPS.

    I know this is not Asus's issue directly.... but moreso AMD and I will be contacting AMD as well.

    Worst card I've ever owned,


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    Talk to a representative if you feel like your card is having problems. I had a similar experience with my RoG Matrix Platinum 290x where it would artifact terribly. I RMA'ed it and they sent me the same card back saying nothing was wrong. I made videos showing that there was indeed something wrong and stayed in contact with Asus. Eventually they swapped the card out and I have a good working card now.
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