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    rolldog PC Specs
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    Painting my motherboard

    I had to send my Maximus VI Formula ROG MB off the be RMAd (kept getting error code 55), but they've fixed it and I got it back last week. When I opened the box, I noticed that they didn't put the armor back on the MB. I called the next day, and they apologized and said they would mail it to me. Well, while my MB was getting repaired, I've bought quite a few upgrades to my system starting with the case, then a custom water cooling system, all sleeved cables, etc, but the entire theme is black and green so the red on the MB throws everything off. I've ordered a can of Plasti Dip, which is similar to spray paint, except when it dries, it can be peeled off if needed. It's not permanent. I bought the same color green as the rest of the pieces will be in my system. So, I was thinking about painting the PCIe slots and the RAM slots, but I don't want to take a chance of getting any into the slots and then my board not work.

    If any of you have ever painted components for a build (or anyone else with an opinion that is), could you please share your thoughts about me possibly putting painter's tape along the top to make sure none gets into the slots or if I should not paint the slots and all the other small parts on the board green from red and just paint all the armor green when it comes in? I was thinking if I just painted all of the armor, then it might be enough to distract from the red on the MB. Thoughts?

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    i painted a lot of components like parts of the case, SSD's, Fan's etc. on my actual Project, but i wouldn't recommend painting a Mobo cuz it's a very tricky job.
    how about simply throwing more hardware at the board to get the red slots covered as a workaround?!

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    Make sure you use lead to use lead paint

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    Hello there.
    I can help you with this. I have done it myself with success and it still runs today with no problems. Keep in mind you will obviously be voiding your warranty.

    The motherboard has hot spots and so you can damage it if you lay on a thick coating of some kind. Absolutely DO NOT use spray dip on it..
    Find a product called Conformal Coating in a spray can. It's a product widely used for acting as a barrier for electronics that are put in harsh environments, such as wet areas and places that generate static. Normally they just coat it and walk away, but, what people don't know is that it can be top-coated. i.e. painted.

    To see one that was done you can view my site at and there is a blacked out mod in the gallery.

    Cover areas that should not get anything on them such as connections, PCI slots, memory slots, etc. etc. This coating is a barrier so if you get it on your pins it will not make contact.

    Spray about 2 light fog coats of the Conformal Coating and let dry.

    Then a light coat of primer that is close to the final color. This is to achieve hiding of anything under it. Example= a piece of silver solder will show through at least 4 coats of paint without primer but it won't show through 1 light coat of primer and 2 light coats of paint.

    Now that the primer is on you can spray the actual paint. Make sure to keep it to a minimum to avoid trapping the heat in. You want to keep the tip back about 12 " and come at it from different angles so it will fog onto the surface and get into all the little hard to reach places.

    I recommend flat paint or maybe satin, but not glossy. The gloss actually creates more "skin" that traps heat.

    Again, do this at your own risk!!! No warranty will exist after this and you will need to closely monitor temps for the first few hours to make sure it's not too hot.

    Good luck.

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