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    Audio Jack - SPDIF/ 1/8 inch headphones jack

    3.5mm Audio jack into the 1/8 inch Headphones spdif jack?
    Hi guys, I currently have a G56JR - CN273H , As per the user manual, It has a SPDIF 1/8 inch stero headphones out jack. Apparently, I can't connect the standard 3.5mm audio jack in. ( A-Jays , external Speakers usually comes with a standard 3.5mm audio). Any idea how can i connect my A-Jays or external speakers into this audio jack? Ps, I dont know if it has anything to do with optical/digital or does it support analog? Or is the jack dedicated to gaming headsets only? A-jays does fit in but it's very loose and only has a mono sound.
    Been trying to solve this for weeks.

    G56JR User manual PDF Page 19 :

    It's rather similiar to this post:

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