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    ROG Logo on Windows Startup not showing...

    Hopefully someone can help me with this.

    I have a Maximus VI Hero motherboard running Windows 8

    Prior to today, I had a single HDD with Windows installed on it, and when I booted up i would not only get the ROG Logo on my BIOS screen, but it would also persist for the little spinning circles while windows was starting. I thought this was awesome.

    Recently, I added two drives in RAID0 and decided it'd be a good time to start fresh to get rid of some unwanted clutter. So I set up the RAID0 using the Intel controller, then let it boot into Windows, install, etc. Once it was done, however, it repeated the ROG Logo for BIOS, but the Windows startup now shows the Windows logo over the spinning circles instead of the ROG logo. How do I get the ROG Logo back for Windows startup? The only option regarding it during bootup seems to be the logo for the BIOS, not Windows.
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