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    Not exactly a "guide" but what I'd like to see is an honest-to-god description of what all the BIOS parameters actually do. I've got a Rampage V Extreme, which has more settings than I can shake a stick at. Except for the really obvious settings, the descriptions in the manual normally supply almost zero information. To pull an example at random, the description for BCLK Recovery is "This item allows you to enable or disable BCLK Recovery" (well, duh) and then lists the possible values as "Disabled, Enabled, or Ignore" (which I could have figured out for myself by looking at the pulldown menu). What it doesn't do is give me any idea what BCLK Recovery is, why is might become in need of recovery, or what changing this setting might actually do for me. The upshot of all this is that having this setting in the BIOS, while incredibly sexy, is completely pointless. The folks who write this documentation need to review the first rule of definitions: you don't use the term itself when defining the term. That adds no information.

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