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    Hi Raja what do I need to do in Bios to set up the M.2 Pci-e ssd using the on board slot of the Rampage V Extreme to make it the boot drive using Windows OS. I'm using one of the drives that is on the QVL. I'm just not sure what I need to change. and second is there a Manual or guide for the OC panel that comes with the Rampage V extreme the motherboard manual has only a brief explaination of the panel but no details and I have look high and low on here and the support pages with no luck. Thanks
    This depends on the m.2 drive used. If the drive has its own boot firmware then simply install to it. If it does not you will need to perform a got install. You do that by selecting the install drive option tat has a uefi prefix.

    There I an 4.2 ghz I guide on that I posted. Its a simple guide that tells you what to change and what to do if the system is not stable at that frequency. I'm on a mobile phone right now so perhaps someone on a desktop can link it for you here.

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