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    Asus gaming laptop naming decoding info

    Been searching and waiting to replace my G53SX-A1, thinking a G750. There are many variations that keep rolling out to the market. So a G750JZ-QB72-CB means what? starting backwards CB(Canada Bilingual keyboard) G750 part I get but the rest I don't know.
    Is there a naming convention anywhere?

    As a side note my G53sx is still not bad, but the old girl is slowing down with P3D V2 flight sim. I've had the power jack problem the whole time. Another problem was the keyboard stopping to work after waking.

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    I can only speak about the european version but for example:

    ASUS G750JS-T4022H has a 1.5 TB HDD
    ASUS G750JS-T4023H has a 1.5 TB HDD and a 256 SSD

    The 750JZ-T4044H is the same as the JZ without a SSD but has an italian keyboard ...
    Asus G750JZ-T4023H has 2x128GB mSSD and 1.5 TB HDD
    Asus G750JZ-T4022H has a 256 SSD and a 1.5 TB HDD ...

    the main difference in the names are HDDs and RAM (the JZ model comes up with max 24GB here in Germany) or extras like the ASUS G750JS-T4065H (Gaming mouse)

    Sadly it is confusing I'm still looking to get the right model as well.
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    "not all asus laptops are created equal"," and assume...nothing"
    even if you just look around this forum you can find many combinations of models from the first G750s.
    if you check out retailers you will find the models have always varied.
    there are several subtle (some not so) differences even with the same model in the same country.
    my laptop G750JX can have different ram, wifi cards, hard discs (ssd/hdd) and even screens (3D or at least 2 different 2D), some came with free stuff (bag and mouse), some didnt.
    and that same model can be different in different countries.
    bottom line is you will have to check really carefully with the retailer and get them to read out exactly what it says on the box.
    although they will still not be able to tell you which wifi card card you will get or 2D screen type unless they actually fire it up.
    its a mess.
    not really sure what the answer is unless somehow we could get Asus themselves to issue a full detailed description of every variation of every model with the numbers.
    thats if they even have one.
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