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    Networking help.

    First off, if this is the wrong section, please point that out to me. I couldn't find a section that had anything to do with networking, so I figured "General Hardware" was the next best place to go.

    Here's the situation:
    I'm rooming with my buddy at college, we're both heavy gamers. The dorms have WiFi, but frankly, it's not good enough to play online games. The dorm room has a single Ethernet port which has a very good connection. Now, I'm a Computer Science major, and I'd like to think that I'm technologically literate, but I've never really gotten too much into networking. What I need is the best/fastest wired connection to both of our laptops, and maybe an Xbox, but that's not a priority. My first idea was to take an Ethernet cable from the port in the wall straight into a gigabit Ethernet switch, and then connecting our laptops to the internet via the Ethernet switch. After doing some research, a lot of the things that I've read have been contradicting each other, and I'm just not sure anymore. The only rule that I'm aware of is that we can't create our own WiFi networks, but if we had a wireless router and just turned off the WiFi network, that's fine, but would that be better than just the gigabit switch?

    We have one ethernet port, and need to get two laptops connected to the internet without creating our own WiFi network.
    What's that best/fastest way to do it?

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    buy a switch.
    you can get cheep gigabit switches from 5 ports and upwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkn View Post
    buy a switch.
    you can get cheep gigabit switches from 5 ports and upwards.
    yup, do the gigabit switch.
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