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    weird vibrating/buzzing sound

    Hey all, whenever i play my music at high volume, there is some sort of weird static/buzzing/interference sound,

    can't really explain it, although its minimal its an annoyance

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    1. Please give us more information about the notebook you are useing. It'll do our job to help you a lot easier

    This annoying sound your talking about, is that a sound you hear when it's on low also? or just high?

    Perhaps you can check out this site to see if it helps about your problem.

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    whoops sorry, its g74sx, i've noticed that the static comes from the right speaker, slight vibration, only happens when playing certain notes, mostly music with no singing, regardless of volume

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    Look here to see what's probably going on -

    Whether you want to RMA it is up to you. PM Chastity, maybe she can help.

    Good luck, man!
    Read the User's Manual for more info.

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