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    yeah that was it , i did some research, the computer doesn't like going from low to very high performance after being in low for so long, i.e. causing it to overheat and/or crash. i would say this case is solved, thanks to everyone here who helped me!

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    i'm also having issues whit overheat, my asus g74sx 3D is only 2 months old , it started to happen yesterday.

    Might it be dust on fans? im gonna use vacuum cleaner later today and see any changes.

    Bios 203 and latest drivers, i usually dont have this issues, but when im playing WOW and watching movies sametime on VLC , then the fan seems to go faster for like 1min then it just shut downs.

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    Might be dust depending on where you live. But try this, install hwinfo64 (see NewDrivers link in my sig) and set up the program to log your sensors. After a crash, look at your temps.
    Read the User's Manual for more info.

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