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    Sadly I wasn't that lucky I must have an original revision motherboard that had a bug with the toslink *shrugs* it happens. It'd be nice if they Cross Shipped Laptops or even the motherboard for the laptop so I wouldn't be without this one for 2+ weeks.

    As for me, changed to digital as default no audio what so ever coming from the laptop with exception of 1 oddity when I have Windows Media Player Open and playing or paused and than do a speaker test, the test tones come from the left speaker but none from the right and no surround speakers show up "Which can probably be fixed by loading ac3filter or spdifier"

    As for switching to HDMI, there's no clean route for me to reroute a HDMI cable from either a console to my laptop and unplug the video out from my stereo to my tv so DVDs don't error about content protection, and my desk doesn't have a stereo with HDMI, just Analog, or fiber. the one at my desk is an OLD puppy.

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    There is an adapter for the HDMI that will strip out the video and let you stream the audio to fiber speakers. I just saw this the other day and was thinking the same as I would like to do this.
    But first I am going to get the adapter for the headphones out put and see if that works for me.
    I have a G73 from BestBuy but I have one of the type that has the 7200 RPM harddrives so this one may work as it has another type of motherboard than the first G73's had at bestbuy.
    I will post here when I get this set up to see. I will also check into the HDMI adapter also.

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