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    Debug LED

    Hi guys,i'm having a trouble with my motherboard(Maximus IV Extreme-Z).When i power on my system,the Debug LED stops in 4S or 45 and i can't start up my computer.If i power off then power on again,the system works fine but before it says Overclock failure but i'm not using overclock.I've already tried to update BIOS, replace processor and memories but doesn't work.Please HELP ME!!!

    P.S I'm sorry for my poor english,brazilian guy

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    Please guys,some one could help me? i don't know what to do,i'm desperate hahahaha,no seriously,help me,i've already tried to update bios and reseted then but doesn't work.

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    45 isn't a common error and the fact that it only shows up sometimes is strange. If you haven't already you should reset the CMOS after your BIOS update. Does this happen every time on cold boot? If so I would strip down the board to only the CPU and one stick of memory(no peripherals, hdd, odd, etc) and then try a cold boot. If it doesn't happen then you can start adding things back until you find the culprit.
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