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    Maximus Gene VII RAM Black DIMMs Freezes Computer

    Hi All,

    Yesterday I have received the components for my computer and I built the computer accordingly.As soon as I installed the OS,
    Windows 8.1, I noticed that the system started to freeze continuously after installing the motherboard drivers.

    My Specs:
    Mothreboard :Maximus Gene VII
    VGA :Asus GTX 770 4gb
    Memory: 16gb Kingston Hyper Beast (2x8gb)
    CPU: 4790K 4.0ghz
    HDD: 256 Corasair SSD (I have the OS installed on this drive)
    3 TB Segate baracude 7200 RPM Hard disk
    PSU: 850W Silver certified SilverStone

    I have checked temperatures and they are very stable. I installed the AI Suite 3 supplied with the motherboard, in order to make
    a stress test on the CPU, RAM and Video card. As soon as the stress test was started the problem appears.
    The next step was to boot the PC with a single RAM and the test passed. Installed the other RAM back in the previous slot and removed the working one. The test passed also. Furthermore, the RA was then installed in the red DIMMs and the test passed. As soon as both RAM cards where installed back in the black DIMMs and the stress test was done the PC freezes again. This means that for some reason the motherboard is not supporting 2 RAM cards in the black DIMMs. Kindly note that for each time that the RAM was
    removed or swapped the PC was switched off from the mains power and the PSU.

    Can you please tell me how could we solve the issue as I am most probably going to upgrade to 32Gb in the near future and this means that I have to use the black DIMM slots also.

    Can you kindly tell me how are we going to proceed with this fault please?

    Some help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks guys.

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