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    Quote Originally Posted by l2apsux View Post
    what is love baby dont hurt me. why is there NOOOOO support for the JW?
    whats up with elitest forum setup where 1300 bucks isnt enough money to be part of your cool kids lounge in the "js jx owners" blah blah blah?

    it seems knowledge is PRETTY limited with this model and i swear ive got so much intel i could make a lovely youtube video.
    i hope to GOD im NOT the most knowledgable about this jw lemon scandal.

    id EMBRACE some person coming around and showing me a thing or two about kicking this lazy machine in the butt.
    yet it seems the JW is the most undersuppported notebook in the world. sorry for the blanket statement, but this wasnt some cheap hp lenovo or acer, this was supposed to be a bonafide ROG notbeook at over 1000 bucks.

    HAS ANYONE MANAGED TO FENAGLE ASUS? IM not buying a new on for it to melt at my feet. theyre $100. and i doubt the third charger will start NOT overheating.


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