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    Hello, after hesitating to do it for a while (various game freeze then instantly going into black screen with the fans going very loud, and system shutdown after a few seconds, usually leading to an impossibility to boot the laptop for a few minutes up to several hours...that's not the typical "GSOD" I googled but very similar...) I've triple-checked everything and followed the exact instructions (updated the bios to v 213 before, via WinFlash (I believe), everything happened as expected and after typing "dir" then "vflash", I tried to reboot the computer, which then shut down entirely for several hours and wouldn't boot again. It just restarted now.
    Weird thing : during the flash, I had the exact same thing as written in the video, as in, my old and new flash versions numbers were the exact same -_- unlike what it is, I think, supposed to be : old bios supposed to be an older version. I'm going to try to play long sessions of Skyrim but I'm afraid something went wrong...
    I didn't read all the 500 posts of the thread though, and I'll readily admit that I'm not really an expert in those things, I'm more "tech-savvy" than the average user by far, but nowhere near "expert" level.
    If anybody could confirm that the issue I had is indeed the one this update is supposed to fix, and that the shutdown post flashing isn't bodeing awful stuff...
    Thanks (sorry for awkward english I'm french)

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    Update : Nope, Skyrim crashed after like 5 minutes and system shutdown, could reboot few minutes later... But apparently nothing changed since I "tried" to do the vBIOS update. really need help can't play most games atm, only like King's Bounty, League of Legends, might & magic heroes VI (even there it crashes sometimes) and a few others...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArScAn View Post
    I reflashed to the version available on page 1 (93vBIOSa.rar) from od2 from Chastity... Still getting pc freezes after some minutes on bf3!!
    What temps do you get with the last vbios and Catalyst 11.10? I just tested on bf3 and GPU-Z showed 95-97ºC... Maybe the temperature is causing the pc to freeze? However I don't get BSODs, just hard restarts...

    I don't know what to do anymore! I shouldn't had updated my vbios as I was running bf3 fine for hours!! I just hope my greed for some extra fps doesn't cost my pc!

    I think I will try to backrev to old vbios (if its really stored in my pen drive). Maybe a repaste or older driver... Any ideas?

    Update: I just viewed GPU-Z log and temps reached 100ºC... Tested with FurMark and temps reached 105ºC after 2min but no freeze or BSODs.
    I thought repaste and a cooler cleaning will be the solution. My temps are correct or to high for the last vbios?
    Another question. Someone knows where to find the old vbios ( for a test?

    I just want to make sure its this one that you DL'ed

    Right now with 11.10 and the new vbios i'm running at about 60C +or- 2C. While in game I'm right around 90C... I still dont know if that is a normality for people but it has been for me for some time now. ( I use hwinfo ) ... you can look in your logs to see what the failure is... or use a program to view your error logs.

    If I remember right its about 120C is the max and it shuts down at, I think, 110C.

    try the restore like was suggested ( maybe to a point before you did any update to 11.10 or the new vbios, ifs its avalible), try a older catalyst.

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    Just made a repaste following ValkeriFire post (Link) and it SOLVED my problems!!
    Temps were 77ºC on idle and 95-105ºC on BF3. Now temps are 55-60ºC on idle and 80-85ºC on BF3!
    I continue to use the last vbios (first page) and now will test Chastity's version with overdrive!!
    Thank you for the replies!

    Update: Just after the post I tested bf3 for some minutes and the pc frozen again
    So I made a clean install of Win7 and everything else! Played for half hour and no freezes until now...

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    The FFXIV and the return of my GSOD blues!

    I have updated my Vbios to 93vBIOSa.rar. I did that a year ago and FFXIV started up with no problem and ran like a charm.

    I didn't play FFXIV since I was in Iraq for a year. I return and updated my g73jh to bios 213 and the latest ATI drivers.

    The laptop can play every game except FFXIV. It will crash on start up like it did before the Vbios update.

    My question is, is there a new vbios update or did I just make a critical error by going to bios 213?

    Is it really worth the trouble just to try out a game?

    Second concern is my cd-rom drive. IT will read written DvD's but nothing else. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled my cd-rom drivers.

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    I'm not sure about FFXIV since I don't own it, but what happens with the drive? Does it do the bit where it spins up a bunch of times like it's trying to read and then just fails or what? Have you tried cleaning it? After my brother came back from Afghanistan his laptop looked like it had been through hell and the sand pretty much killed his optical drive.
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    yeah I have cleaned the drive used all sorts of cds and DVDs. It'll only read written/ burned media discs. It will also write blank ones. I was lucky to keep my laptop indoors throughout my deployment. It will spin for a second and the I'll hear the laser try to read/ seach for the disc. It will start making clicking noises..rev a few time rev down..repeat.

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    which Vbios is newer bios version down loaded from many Gsod posts

    or from tech


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    which ATI 5870 moblity Vbios is newer bios version down loaded from many Gsod posts

    or from tech


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    ---bad post I answered my own question

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