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    Did I make mistake for choosing G750JX

    I bought G750JX when I was in South Korea (almost 6 months ago). During this period of time I have not used it too much. but I had this feeling that the speed of my laptop is slow in comparison with other laptop like DELL or SAMSUNG with lower CPU, RAM, etc.
    yesterday I opened my laptop to check my email suddenly I heard a voice and the fan start to make noise. I turned off immediately and again turn it on but it has the voice. Depends on the amount of CPU envolovment the voice is changing. Even sometimes it is silent.

    I have too much bad feeling about this issue because I think it can not decrease the temperature of the CPU and very soon other problem will appear.
    I bought this laptop in cash and expensive. It's warranty was just 90 days and finished.
    I am in south of Italy and there is no ASUS service center here. In addition, if they come and take your laptop they want 75 euro.
    I am student and this kind of cost is expensive for me.
    In comparison with my other friends that bought MAC with same price I feel I made mistake. A BIG MISTAKE

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