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    Question RAIDR Express - OS boot hangs


    My company has got Asus RAIDR Express to use it as the OS drive on their custom-made local server machine. We tried installing:
    Windows 7 - RAIDR wasn't recognized in installation;
    Windows 8.1 - Installs successfully, on reboot motherboard detects Windows Boot Manager and tries to boot it. Black screen or last post screen gets frozen for 60-120 seconds and the second boot option kicks in - EFI console. It gets frozen before it completely starts, just after it prints out its version. The machine needs to be hard-reset.
    Ubuntu Desktop - Installs successfully, motherboard detects "ubuntu" as a boot option, when booting starts the same thing occurs as with Windows 8.1

    I've installed Windows 8.1 on a HDD in the system, just to test the SSD. Windows recognizes, and uses it normally. It is still unknown for me why no OS wants to boot from it.
    The EFI console works if the SSD is not plugged into motherboard. As soon as it's in, the EFI console freezes as soon as it prints out the version.

    The RAIDR was set to UEFI mode while all operating systems were installed.
    Motherboard was set to "UEFI only" for everything.

    MBO: Gigabyte GA-6PXSVT;
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5 1620v2;

    I've also tried using different PCIe slots and it makes no difference.

    Do you have any experience with anything similar?

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    With the issues occurring so early in the boot process and Windows seeing no issues with the drive when accessed as a secondary device points to a motherboard BIOS problem. Contact the motherboard manufacturer and check if the drive has been qualified for use with the motherboard or if there is a particular BIOS version you need to use.

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