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    Disabling C6 power state in G53SW?

    Hi everyone. I have a dual boot setup on my G53SW, Windows and Ubuntu 11.10. I noticed that it would stay powered on when I try to sleep or hibernate from Ubuntu. A Google search turned up this recent thread on the Ubuntu forums, where a user with a 1215B was having similar troubles. Apparently disabling C6 will solve the problem, but my BIOS doesn't have CPU configuration options anywhere. After some more Googling I stumbled upon this thread, so I downloaded Throttlestop 4.0, but the C State Limit button was greyed out, which apparently means the motherboard manufacturer locked that feature. What do I do now?

    My touchpad is also behaving somewhat erratically under Ubuntu (every now and then it won't respond to my finger and I have to lift it and try again, other times the cursor shakes in place for a few seconds) but I can get around that by using a mouse. If anyone has any suggestions for the touchpad issue they're more than welcome, but I'm more concerned with fixing the Sleep/Hibernate issue.

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    You can still disable EIST and C1E and see if that helps.

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    Sorry for the late reply. Disabling EIST and C1E didn't help. Does changing the C States in Throttlestop even persist after shutdown, or are those changes active only while the program is running? Either way, I guess I'm stuck with C6 on 'til a new BIOS comes out.

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    Settings through Throttlestop only apply while the program is running. You can have it autostart and minimize automatically. Look here -
    Read the User's Manual for more info.

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