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    G551JM weird sound from left side of laptop near left alt and touchpad

    Hello everyone!
    i have a question about weird sound.
    i have second asus g551jm and have a problem with weird sound from left side of my laptop whic is hearable if you sit nearby. This sound is most hearable when i dont do anything on my laptop only desktop is showing. This sounds likes "bzzz bzzz bzz and weak highfrequency sounds". is this normal sound? i have other asus laptops and no weird sounds k95v and X series i dont excacly remember model. But in g series i have ssd drive. I called to asus technician and he told me that probably this sound is coming from nvidia graphic card because of high performance this card it can geerate noises. But what the hell? maybe there is factory problem because previous laptop has the same symptoms as this one. my seller gave me a new one because this prblem was already outside the box. Anyone has this problem? Becasue i dont know what to do. This sound is hearable perfectly when over night i use it and its quiet in room. asus technician said it coud be coils from nvidia or tranny or something. What do you thing guys?

    this is the sound sample:

    this is not fun defenitly because of changing sounds in BIOS there is no any sound from my laptop fun is hearable and its silence and quite.
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