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    G73JH BST7 (Hard Drive Limitations)

    Hey guys,

    I have the Asus G73JH BST7, And i have used it for years with no problems.
    Having installed SSD drives and secondary drives with no problems, Updated the bios.
    Installed all the new drivers over the years. Updated the vbios and everything.
    And never really had any problems with this laptop.
    (I guess i was one of the lucky ones with all the problems people had with this model)


    Ok, So here is my question. I have a caddy to replace the cd drive for years and it works perfect.
    (Never had any problems recognizing any size drive in the past) (SSD or HHD)

    Installed in the first bay is the SAMSUNG PRO 128gb SSD
    Installed in the second bay is a western digital 1tb HHD.
    Installed in the caddy is a seagate 1tb HHD.

    So 128gb SSD for the windows 7 ultimate operating system.
    And 2tb (total) (2nd bay & caddy) of hard drive storage for my games and files.

    Ok, So this week i bought 2 x 2tb samsung HHD drives to put into bay 2 & caddy for even more space.

    The caddy shows a 2tb HHD drive with no problems, But the second bay shows nothing. (bios or hard drive management)

    When i switch the drives they work perfect in the caddy, But the 2nd bay does not recognize a 2tb HHD.

    Is there a limitation on hard drive size on this motherboard. And that is why it loads fine through the caddy?
    (Being that the caddy is kinda acts like an external storage for drives)

    The 2nd bay shows any hard drive i have except for the 2tb samsung ones
    (I have to put this drive into the caddy so i can use it with this laptop, And then it work fine)

    Thank you guys for any answers you can provide.
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