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    X299 Prime Deluxe II Problems

    I had been using a Gigabyte x299 board, but decided that I
    d like the feature set of the Deluxe II --- so began the project.....

    I replaced the Gigabyte board with the Deluxe II, but kept the rest of the hardware (CPU, video cards, SSD, memory, etc.) the same. Plan was to install a fresh version of Windows on the SSD via USB WIndows installer.

    When I got everything up and going, I noticed two things --- 1) unpredictable booting; sometimes worked fine, but most often just a black screen with BIOS code hanging on A2. 2) The OLED display on the motherboard displayed nothing.

    Thinking I had a defective board, I exchanged for another one ---- same problems.

    Each board was running the latest BIOS. I am out of ideas as to what I can try next. What are the odds that I received two defective motherboards? I wonder, because that OLED display should be lit up, no? The OLED on both boards I tried, never displays anything.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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