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    My new Project 750D

    so I start a new project my 540 air case is replaced thr ough the corsair 750d

    First the hardware (the same as the 540 air)
    Intel I7 4820k
    Asus Rampage Black Edition
    2x Asus GTX 780 DC2 OC
    AXI 1200 watt
    32GB Dominator Platinum
    Sleeved cables in white

    The water cooler units
    Pump Laing DDC 1T
    Reservoir EK-DDC XRES 140 - Acetal
    EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE - Nickel
    GPU 2x EK-FC780 GTX Ti DCII - Nickel
    CPU EK-Supremacy - Nickel
    Radiator EK-Coolstream PE 240 (Dual)
    Radiator EK-Coolstream PE 360 (Triple)
    Connections EK-HDC fitting 16mm G1 / 4 - Black
    Solid Tubes HD Tube EK-12 / 16mm
    Coolant Mayems White Pastel
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    [FONT=Impact]I7 4960x /Asus Rampage 4 Extreme /32GB Ram Dominator Platinum 2133 MHZ/
    Asus GTX780 DC2OC Tri SLI/ Costum watercooling AX1200i self cable sleeved white /Samsung 250 SSD/
    Corsair 750d /FONT]

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