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    Which SSD's in G751 and what can you replace them with?

    I'm looking between the G751JT-CH71 and the G751JT-DH72. Both have the GTX 970M and a 1TB HDD but the DH72 comes with 256GB SSD (2 128GB SSD's in RAID0). From what I've read the SSD's are PCIe M.2 format , which gives them a higher max theoretical speed than you can get with SATA3.

    What are the brand and model of the SSD's that are shipping in the G751's that have SSD's and what are their read and write speeds?

    Which PCIe M.2 SSD's can we put in this laptop and will we get full speed out of them? Can we throw in two of them and run them in RAID 0 like is being done with the stock 128GB drives in the DH72? Can we toss in two PCIe M.2 SSD's in the CH71 and will they work (and be able to run them in RIAD 0) without adding any other hardware?

    Can we throw in aftermarket drives like the SAMSUNG XP941 and get full speed from them?

    Thanks for any info people might have!

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