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    Pahani - Lol the watchdog error is nothing to do with the game watchdogs it is a name of An error that is reported after a BSOD (blue screen of death) google Clock Watchdog Timeout to see what causes it. My M7F did like yours and set it self up to 4.8 and I thought myself to have hit the cpu lottery jackpot - until 5 hrs in I had the dreaded BSOD - just like you I reset it to default and I mean I reset everything to default by the book and my pc ran at 4.4 for a fortnight with no bsod 24/7. I am now at that time you describe when I decided to tune it manually and I am finding the bsod clock watchdog timeout and Whea Incorrectable Error to be un resolvable so last resort I backed off to x47 multipliers and stress tested with aida64 for 12 hrs with no hiccups - no bsod since. Thanks for giving a response.

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