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    GL551 Webcam, Operating System Issues

    I just received my new gl551 today and I am not all too happy. There is several problems with the operating system to include the webcam. I downloaded updated service pack and I also checked to see if the drivers were up-to-date and they were. I am a little frustrated right now, because I am deployed overseas and I cannot just ship it back to get another. I was counting on this computer so that I can video chat with my family back home. What else can I do for this webcam?


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    If possible, please provide more details about the problem you're seeing with the unit and if it makes sense, consider erasing everything and going back to the original factory condition if things were working okay at first and there just appears to be some kind of software issue that occurred (otherwise, you might try Windows System Restore if you have working restore points available).

    As far as the webcam goes, did you notice any errors in device manager and if you use the Win8/8.1 built-in camera utility are you able to see and take a picture with the webcam?

    Hopefully we can help you solve it, but also consider contacting ASUS support below to troubleshoot and check if they have any quick solutions.

    Good luck!
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    Cannot find out how to turn camera on and off on GL551JW-DS74 from user manual. It only refers to using camera with lock screen on. Search in Win 8.1 gives same info.

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