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    Battlefield 3 bundled with the ROG and ASUS hardware!

    With EA Games’ highly anticipated first person shooter Battlefield 3 hitting shelves, users can engage in all-out vehicle warfare with award-winning multiplayer on vast maps, or team up with a friend in a unique co-op campaign. Add to this an intense single player campaign and you have the most expansive shooter yet in the series.

    As with any hot new release, many gamers are looking to upgrade their systems to experience a truly immersive game play. PC gamers can maximize their Battlefield 3 experience using ASUS hardware with a variety of products that come bundled with the full version of the game. Specially marked hardware bundles with Battlefield 3 include the ROG Rampage IV Extreme and Formula motherboards, ENGTX 560 Ti DCII graphics card and Xonar D2/D2X audio cards. Combined, they meet your system, visual and audio needs and are the perfect compliment to an already impressive game.

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    Really cool, Brian !!

    Now I want you to list complete specs on that Rampage IV Extreme.

    What socket is that?

    If it's 2011, I want one, maybe two.
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    Rampage IV Extreme is a LGA2011 board, it'll feature a X-Socket that allows you to use older 1366 Socket Mounting on older coolers by changing out the LGA2011 back plate to be replaced with an 1366 backplate. Another key feature is the OC Key which is an addon that plugs directly into one of your free DVI ports to display OC stats.

    Has a bunch of other neat stuff you can see some other threads about samples some people have already gotten their hands on with a few specs already.

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    Pretty sweet deal, I'm glad you guys decided not to include CHV in the list, I'd have been mighty pissed that I bought mine early.
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    When will the Xonar and 560Ti packages be available?

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    I would also like to know when these bundles will be available to buy from online retailers. Do you have a rough ETA, Brian?

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