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Thread: Green Swift

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    Green Swift

    My goal it to convert the led ring on the ROG Swift monitor stand from red to green to match my new custom pc. I understand the risks ect... I will probably be doing this in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone here could help with info on how to go about this. I think I have most of the skills required such as soldering and fabrication.
    If it succeeds I will probably be buying 2 more Swifts for a triple set up and giving the other two the same mod.
    As it is I will proceed in two to three weeks time and look at it, I will update then with information for anyone interested in a similar mod.

    P.S. if this is posted in the wrong section I apologies but i felt like this was very similar to case modding.

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    Cool ,
    hmmm what kind of Green it is ?

    With the dark grey color on it, The red lights is already sexy looking on Swift . .
    Let's get 32 Gigs of RAM for our brain ! , Be 100% creative

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