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    Hi eLeL,

    I have tried everything. Removing the Graphic, Ram etc. The last thing I wanted to try was a complete new Rampage. However I replaced the board with a new one yesterday and I have not had one random shutdown since then. I seems to be a problem some asus rampage mainboards have with a high end set up. I did not have to make any changes in the BIOS to make the PC run. Everything is fine now... Sorry for the bad news, but it is the board...
    Glad to hear you've figured out the issue with your system. Sorry to hear it is the board but at least you have peace of mind finding out the problem.

    Things are still not definite with my RIVE BE although the shutdowns have stopped since I swapped out my power supply with a new Seasonic 3 days + 17 hrs ago. I am hoping the system will remain stable for at least a few more days then I will try swapping my old motherboard back in.

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