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    Virtual Machine recommendations for G75VX?

    I'm on a Windows 8.164 bit, 500 GB Samsung 840 Evo, 24 GB of RAM…

    I've read in a few Linux posts at stack exchange and even watched a YouTube video that Nvidia has troubles with the Linux OS, or… Maybe it was vice versa.

    I've spent all this time and a small fortune with this Windows OS. I really don't feel like messing with a dual-boot.

    I would rather install a somewhat stable virtualization on top of Windows so I can run CentOS.

    Two main reasons why I would want this:
    so I can learn Linux
    so I can communicate natively with my VPS that I just purchased

    Everybody's always talking about Putty this, and putty that, here a putty, there a putty everywhere a putty putty… :-)

    I like to do things the administrative hard way…

    I've done a Google search on this, but… I'd like to get some feedback from people who have already done this on their ROG machine.

    VMware seems to be a popular one, Hypervisor V is built in with Windows.

    Just want to get some feedback on which virtualization software you went with and why.
    Advantages and disadvantages alike.

    Thank you in advance!


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