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    PG278Q issues: does not turn on on first power-on + newest GPU drivers (+-solutions)

    So far I ran into like 3 issues with this monitor:
    1. After long power-off (e.g. night), if I turn my PC, monitor does not turn on (at some point it displays there is "no signal" message, but stays black), after system has loaded - you can unplug-plug back monitor, could hear windows beeping (like they found new device, etc.) - but still no visual. If I would turn off PC and then turn on it - display would work ok.
    2. After updating to NVidia drivers newer than the one in CD-disc (340.52), I get artifacts appearing time at a time (quite annoying), like monitor is trying to switch into some different mode... and instantly switched back to old one.
    3. Monitor is really insane bright (before that I had monitor with very good colors, so this one is just too bright, and monitor controls, sadly do not allow anything good about it)

    Some solutions I found:
    1. Before turning on PC, I switch monitors power off, and then back on, I wait till it displays "no signal" message, at this moment turn on PC - monitor will always work. So I believe long sleep/stand by mode is working incorrectly...
    2. New drivers - sometimes they stop making issues if I turn off and turn on PC (basically load windows and restart), not sure about it (if it really helps), but basically I am forced to downgrade drivers back to CD version (340.52). I wish Asus would work more closely with NVidia, it's really GPU drivers issue...
    3. Well colors... in NVidia control panel there is "adjust desktop color settings" - set gamma to 0.78-0.8 - and then things with colors are much better. Except, that sometimes(allways?) after PC boots - gamma settings is not applied, till I launch a game in full screen (that uses DX), after exiting game gamma setting is applied correctly. Probably NVidia issue, but... not cool.

    relative pc parameters:
    * Win 8.1-64bit
    * NVidia GTX 690
    * (and stuck on drivers version 340.52)

    If anyone was able to overcome such issues, or has ideas, please write

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