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    So, does replacing the power supply fix the problem? My first Swift would power on the backlight, but only display a black screen after sitting turned off for a long period of time, like overnight. Rebooting the computer fixes the problem, but is a very incontinent and annoying solution. I have since received my second Swift monitor and it is having the same problem. Is it possible that I got two bad power supplies? Should I buy a "genuine ASUS replacement" or a generic one?

    For anyone curious, this is why I RMAed my first Swift monitor. Check out the videos too:

    I have had the second Swift monitor for less than 6 hours and it has already flickered a few times-- nowhere near as bad as the first Swift... yet.

    MrCoder- I think I am having the same issue as you. In response to your post, On the first Swift I used the hub for charging my phone. So far, I have not plugged anything into the hub on the second Swift and it has the same problem as the first. I doubt using the USB hub caused the problem.

    I don't know if the flickering is related in any way to not powering on after being turned off for a long time. I figured it was probably worth mentioning it, just in case.

    Edit: SPEAK OF THE DEVIL!!! Just moments after making this post the second Swift flashed a black screen, then came back blurry. Luckily, restarting the computer restored the picture to normal.
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