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    PG278QR Refresh issue?

    So i have the PG278QR and randomly when i open programs my pc lags and my mouse cursor turns into this
    The way i fix it every time is by lowering my refresh rate and then changing it back. Keep in mind that its not my pc being overloaded as i have checked the task manager while opening these programs and they never come close to my cpu, ram, hd load

    things i have done to try to fix it:

    1. turn off refresh overclock
    2. update drivers
    3. reset pc and change cables

    I know its the monitor because I have a 2nd monitor that never gets this issue when i use it alone. I have tested my monitors in every way PG278QR alone, PG278QR with my 2nd monitor, 2nd monitor alone etc and the only way i dont get the issue is if my PG278QR is not connected. This started happening maybe 1-2 months ago and i've finally just had it with this issue.

    any help would be great thank you.

    pc specs
    i7-9700K CPU
    RTX 2080
    32GB ram
    500gb m.2 samsung pro (238gb available)
    2nd monitor is some old asus 1080p
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