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    Same PSU issues for me - Beware of ASUS Support!

    Same annoying power issue for me. Started in October 2015. Monitor Manufactured 2014.

    Logged an RMA with ASUS on October 15th and have had nothing but problems with them. They have kept stating that a PSU is on its way and I should be patient.

    I have constantly chased this and finally had to log a complaint with RMA Complaints. After they got involved and a total of 50 days, yes 50 damn days had passed they sent me out a GENERIC KETTLE LEAD! Not even a clover leaf on that would fit my broken PSU!

    I have been back to them and the only answer I got was they are sorry and they are investigating the solution to my issue.

    This was enough for me so I Tweet @ASUSUK and got a decent response and apology from them, they have been really helpful and have managed to sort out the useless support people and I now have a PSU arriving this afternoon. Of course I will have to see what is actually in the parcel when it arrives.

    So, in total 62 days have passed since I opened the RMA.

    Awesome job ASUS!

    If my parcel does not contain a PSU expect me to arrive at your office with a boot full of Kettle Leads and Bricks!


    I received a PSU today, it is the same dodgy revision ADP-90YD B and it is USED, it's not new. So if someone has already used this for 6 or 7 months I could only have a month of use before it craps out again!

    The RMA Support team have stated I had to wait so long due to stock issues which they have only just told me at the end of 62 days! It's also a bit of a contradiction as I have received a USED PSU!

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