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    If I get the dell power supply at 330watts will I still need the 180watt power supply?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xzach View Post
    If I get the dell power supply at 330watts will I still need the 180watt power supply?
    It depends on the video card that you install. My system originally came w/the Intel i5 CPU, w/the Nvidia GTX 750 video card. It came w/only the 230W power supply. With my basic system, it only needed the 230W to supply everything.

    I went and replaced the Nvidia GTX 750 w/a GTX 670 video card that I had, so I needed the 180W as well, which I bought off of eBay. The 180W supplies the basic system, like the M/B, CPU, HD, etc., while the 230W is for the upper end video card, like my GTX 670 in my case. These two power supplies are good for up to the Reference Design Nvidia GTX 980 video card. If you want to install a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti on the other hand, then you will need to replace the 230W w/the Dell 330W.

    I stipulate the Reference Design video card, because of the standard dimensions it has, being non-overclocked, and having the one cooling fan design.

    By the way, there are jumper settings that will need to be set on the motherboard if you add another power supply, outside of your 230W, which I assume came w/your system. You can find the jumper settings posted in this forum.

    I hope this has answered your question.
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    dell power supply

    Quote Originally Posted by GoHack View Post
    Anything is possible, w/modifications, but for the most part, No. The m/b isn't a standard one, nor are the power supplies.

    The G20AJ is quit a nice capable system, w/quit a punch for it's size, w/the memory expandable up to 16 GB, which is the norm w/socket 1150 CPU's, w/the CPU expandable up to the i7-4790K, and the video card, up to a standard Nvidia Reference Design GTX 980, and w/a Dell 330W power supply, a Reference GTX 980Ti.

    If you wanted to max out everything, hardware wise, or overclock everything, then the G20AJ was the wrong system to buy.
    Is there really a 330w power supply i can upgrade too besides the 230w + 180w power supplies??? im planning on buying a rtx 2070 so all the extra power i can get helps

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