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    Terrible RMA time.

    Bought an R9 280X platinum matrix at launch
    Card was broken when I got it. Worked when I underclocked it to reference memory speeds.
    Waited a few months to RMA as I couldnt afford to be without a dedicated graphics card.
    They messed up my RMA and it took a few weeks to get my card back.
    Still having issues, i inquire "what was wrong with it" -- No changes were made:

    This was after I had sent them many screenshots and videos of insane amounts of texture corruption. They knew there was an issue and didn't investigate further, rather they mailed it back to me broken. So I spent 2 weeks without a graphics card just so they could send it back unaltered.

    Then the ASUS representative I was working with spent a month getting back to me. He says "oh sorry, I was on vacation."

    Then he says he'll test my card for me more thoroughly, if I ship it to them again. I request cross-ship. He says sure, but they need to get more stock first. Takes another month. They test it. "Good to go" now...

    Now I just gotta print out and sign the cross ship forms and be ready to pay the return shipping.

    This is completely unacceptable. Only accepting physical signatures in 2014? I dont have a printer to print it out with, nor a scanner/fax machine to get it back to them with if I did. I had no problem doing a cross ship RMA with evga without a signature almost 10 years ago. Have I gone back in time? (They also did it 100% free, the first time around)

    Also, why should I have to pay ANYTHING to get this resolved. If they had fixed my graphics card the first time around, everyone would be happy right now. This is 100% their fault right now, and I had bought an ASUS ROG product thinking this was top tier quality product and assumed I would also be getting top tier customer service.

    When I asked for an explanation, the rep advised me to just keep my broken card and cancel the RMA if I didn't like it.

    Is there a special place you have to go in ASUS in order to get quality customer service and get things actually fixed? Or should I just sell this card and get a few evga gtx 980s?

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