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    G53JW sudden BF3 performance issue.

    I was playing the game fine one round getting 45-50 FPS on a mix of Ultra/med, disconnected and when I rejoined another server I was only getting 12-15!!! This is the case in all of my games now. Poor performance across the board. I have my GTX460M oc'd to 800/1600/1500 and never exceed 85 degrees in any game. I have noticed that while a game is running at the low fps I mentioned MSI Afterburner never shows the gpu core temp exceeding @ 54-55. Any ideas? I had a similar problem last night that seemed to correct itself after a bit but did not check to see if other games were affected as well. I am using the latest nVidia driver 285.62.

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    Have you tried setting it back to stock settings to see what happens?
    When you are getting the low framerates is your coming out of the down clocked state?

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