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    RVE will not boot. Mobo error code 00

    Hi all. I am running into problems. My last mobo (X99DeLuxe) had an OCP tripping issue, so I did a RMA. Could not wait and ordered asecond X99DL and a RVE (account balanced with supplier). Both mobo's give me a 00 boot error.

    Checked all, changed all, changed case (to check shortening issues), checked CPU fitting, loosened Kraken X61 fitting, booted with an almost clean mobo only connections, went two bios settings back, cleared cmos and went to original bios 2 and so one and one.

    Could my CPU have died from the OCP tripping in the first mobo or any tips to check more.... a new CPU i7-5960X is not my most favourable expense ;-)

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