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    New to me Refurbished Asus G73jh Need Some help!

    Ill start of by say Hi. I really dont know to much about computer. I know this is probably redundant post, but I have tried everything I know.

    So I bought an Asus G73jh, with the i7 procceser with 6 gig of ram and the Ati Moblity Radeon HD 5870 Graphics card, from compusa as an open box and refurbished laptop. (not my first choice but i couldnt beat the price) I have had it for about a month now and I havent had any problems. I have been doing my cad work on it for my College Cad classes. I use solidworks and ProE. it was running these with no problems

    but Today after i went to install battlefield 3, i encountered my first problem. It wouldnt load the game... so i talked to some people and they said update you graphics drivers. they suggest going to the ati website and downloading the new update. so i did, it downloaded and the while installing it failed and the screen turned blue and shut down. i turned it back on and everything was different (bigger and distorted) And the Ati Catalyst Control Center was gone. So i quick jumped on google and found that you should use the one from asus website. So i did this and everything went back to normal! I thought I dodged a major bullet.

    But now I cant open my cad software, my games dont work. and I cant open Catalyst Control Center.

    when I try to open Catalyst Control Center it says
    "the features in the ati catalyst control center basic view do not support the currently active graphic processor.

    to lunch the advance view click on the advanced view button. otherwise click exit to close this dialog."

    so I click on the Advanced view button and nothing happens.

    Can anyone help me out with a solution to fix this laptop?
    All I want is to reset it to the way it was before I installed Battlefield 3. I have the System Restore discs from the first day I opened the Laptop. Can I just put those in and Fix my problem???

    Thanks for Any Help It will be greatly appreciated!

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    i would do a clean fresh install of the OS and update your bios and your VBIOS: see if that helps

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    Did you attempt to restore your system to an earlier time (before you iinstalled BF3)?
    Control Panel - System and Security - Restore your system to an earlier time

    You can undo the restoration and try another date if you choose the wrong one.
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