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    G751JM and Samsung 840 EVO SSD

    So I bought a G751JM to replace my old G74SX. I also bought 32GB of Corsair Vengenace and a Samsung 840 EVO SSD to upgrade it with. As you can imagine, I was very unhappy to discover that the SODIMM slot layout in the G751 is drastically different than the SODIMM slot layout in the G74, and as such will require some disassembly to replace the 2x4GB Kingston modules with my other package of Corsairs.

    I also installed the Samsung 840 EVO and migrated the contents of my 1TB drive that came with it to the SSD. I then changed my boot order to go with the SSD first and then the HD. When I boot from the SSD with the HD still installed I cannot access "Change computer settings" - its just a solid blue screen. As an experiment, I completely removed the HD and booted it back up. It will not boot up with just the SSD installed. But reinstalling the HD resulted in a proper boot up.

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