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    ASUS G53JW freezing while gaming

    Hello everyone!

    Whenever I encounter a problem I tend to lurk around the internets and sooner or later the solution to all my life problems pops out (or I forget about it). This time, however, the solutions found seem to be more like "meh, you should try this" then anthing else, so I'm trying my luck here.

    Basically my computer decided to start crashing on a random rainy day. When I say crashing I mean that I open up a game, it runs for a few minutes and then freezes completely (both video and sound, where the sound usually ends up in a really fast, amazingly annoying frequency).

    The suggestion I got so far and which might be the closest to reality, was cleaning the fans and re-pasting, based on the idea that the pc was overheating, but the tests show the pc under stress testing is around its 80C, which although alarming, should probably not be killing the PC. I did not try this one yet, as opening the fans seems like a family activity for a week based on how everything is screwed together.

    Another suggestion was the general "update yo graphic drivers, bro". But I updated, downdated, cleanly formatted everything and tried again, and this had no impact.

    I also tried running memtest to check if the RAM is the faulty thingamajig, but the tests ran flawlessly.

    So I turn to you, great oracles of the internets, to show me the paths to any possible solutions.

    PS: if you simply agree with suggestion #1, then I'll go get mah screwdriver.

    PPS: If the description above is not illustrative enough, I can grab my phone and make some sweet, sweet videos to further clarify!

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