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    Asus G74Sx Drivers?

    UPDATE: Just resorted to asking a friend for his recently updated driver set-up. All is well.

    Hey guys,

    I've looked around Google for some information regarding this situation, and I couldn't really find anything concrete. I was wondering if anyone who owns a G74 could tell me which drivers they have.

    I recently had a very bad virus and had to replace my main drive. I've lost my recovery disc a long time ago as well. I was able to do a clean install but now I need to manually install all my drivers. I know that Asus has a website that gives driver suggestions and download links... but I swear that some of my old drivers were different from all of the ones they list!

    I have an idea in which order I need to install all of them, but again, I'd really appreciate it if some kind soul could list his or her own current drivers.

    Thanks in advance.
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