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    Ok I've done some more tests.
    If the screen has bleeding, the bezel can make it worse, in contradiction to what is said earlier.
    So the mediocre screen quality is because of the bezel (which causes glow and bleeding to become more or less visible) and the use of cheap screens (i did some research and found out they cost about 60 dollar).
    I can't be sure now if putting a 100 procent good screen in the laptop will solve it, since the bezel might distort the lighting.

    If anyone with a prefect screen could post a picture, at least then we now its possible (preferably from a g751 model that came out before november), because I'm seriously starting to doubt if anyone has a good screen.

    Its a bit dumb to have awesome laptop with a poor screen, with every dark game or movie i can notice the glowing and bleeding.

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