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    Advice For OCING AMD FX 8350 using Seidon 120M

    Hey guys,

    So i'm doing a build for a friend, and he wants to try and OC (albeit safely) his FX 8350. He has a Seidon 120M which we are gonna set up on a push-pull config.

    His set up:
    480Gb PNY Optima SSD/1TB WD blue
    AMD FX 8350/Seidon 120M cooler
    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
    Corsair HX 750 PSU
    XFX R9 280X
    8 GB Kingston Hyper @ 1600 Mhz.

    Im used to doing OC for intel systems but have never done so in an AMD system and i fear the difference in heating curves could cause me to mess something up. Feed me your knowledge!

    4770k @ 4.4 Ghz (1.275Vcore) W/ Seidon 240M push-pull
    EVGA Gtx 970 FTW
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    16GB Kingston HyperX @ 1866 Mhz 1.62V
    Corsair HX 750W PS
    Corsair Obsidian 750D

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    not too many gigabyte board owners here. I'm not at all familiar with there products. Might be best to ask over on the gigabyte site..
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