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    Installing dualboot Windows 8.1 Pro and Ubuntu on G750JS


    I think the topic name already describes very precise what I want to do.
    I already ready a little about this things here in the forum and elsewhere, but I don't have a clear picture of what I have to do.

    I have a bootable Win 8.1 Professional DVD and I also have a bootable Ubuntu DVD.

    In the past I first installed Ubuntu, made all the partitioning and so on, then installed Windows.

    Can anyone give me a description what I will have to do now. I snese it's more complicated now, since the Laptop is natively not recognizeing booable DVDs anymore and like I understand it, I have to make some changes in the BIOS too.

    My plan is to split the SSD 128/128 for each system und the 1,5TB HDD for data (prob. also 2 Partitions one for UB and one for Windows.

    Thanks for any help


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